Renovate your kitchen from design to installation with one outstanding team!

Whether you have a small kitchen that needs a makeover, a large, open family kitchen, or one that needs renovation to turn it into a chef’s dream, ProReno takes each client from design to installation, without interruption.

One of the most essential elements to kitchen design is the layout that exists, and what you imagine you’d like to do with it to create your dream kitchen.

It takes meticulous attention to detail just to make sure that the layout of your kitchen will give you a functional kitchen, one in which every appliance, countertop, kitchen cabinet and built-in cupboard works in synchronicity.

Every kitchen renovated by ProReno is a pure reflection of this meticulous attention to detail, which is the foundation of any functional, stylish kitchen.

Other than the points mentioned, why choose ProReno for kitchen renovations in Johannesburg and Pretoria?

·         Experience:

Having offered the highest standard in kitchen renovations in South Africa since 2004, ProReno has built a reputation for excellence, based on a solid foundation of design excellence and project delivery.

With experience like this, the team at ProReno is able to work within any budget, irrespective of its size, and still deliver dream kitchens that are stamped with the individuality of each client.

·         Latest Design Technology:

Imagine being able to see your kitchen before actual work has begun on it?

ProReno does this with flair, using the latest 3D computer programme to make the design and layout stage of your new kitchen exciting.  With the experienced design team at your side, making informed decisions about fittings and finishes is easy.

As you go through each stage of the design, watching your dream kitchen come to life in virtual reality, the stress of the initial big decision to renovate the kitchen begins to feel like an adventure.

·         Market-related Prices:

The team at ProReno are always mindful of the need to balance your budget perfectly with your requirements for a dream kitchen.  This is where their assistance in making informed decisions is of infinite value.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe that your budget won’t allow for a kitchen tailored to your specific requirements at ProReno!

·         Exceptional Products:

Looking at the range of kitchen products available at this well-established company, it’s clear to see that what ProReno has on offer blows the competition right out of the water.

With a range like this at your fingertips, your options for creating a dream kitchen are limitless.

·         Hands-on Customer Service:

Bearing in mind that an exclusive kitchen will need fitted kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards to support functionality and style, ProReno designs/manufactures and fits stunning kitchen cabinets and built-in cabinets to suit individual client needs.

·         Fast and Efficient Service:

Although attention to detail takes priority, ProReno offers clients fast but efficient service, making sure that no client has to wait for months for the installation of a dream kitchen.

It’s the idea of living in chaos for months on end during kitchen renovations that add to the stress of making a decision this big. Once the project schedule has been signed off, ProReno moves into action to deliver your kitchen renovation exactly as agreed.

·         Project Management:

Every element and detail involved in bringing your dream kitchen to life is managed by the experienced team at ProReno.  If going from design to installation of your kitchen in Pretoria and Johannesburg is your idea of making this decision easy on yourself, ProReno will guide you every step of the way.

Contact ProReno to find out more about how to take the first steps to your dream kitchen!

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