Trendy Kitchen Designs: Under Cabinet Lighting – Yes or No?

If there’s one thing we’ve heard about a million times, it’s that kitchens don’t always have adequate lighting. The lighting in your kitchen has a direct impact on your productivity in the kitchen and should never just be an afterthought. In fact, we believe that under-cabinet lighting is crucial in any kitchen design.

 Under cabinet lighting can be used for three different reasons: Tasks, Safety and Ambience. Let me explain:

 If you use the perimeter cabinetry with overhead cabinets to prepare some of your food items, you can shed some light on the situation with task lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets. In fact, consider a complete task lighting plan that includes various task lighting options such as rotatable fixtures and bright lights.

 When it comes to safety, the combination of lower wattage, LED or dimmable lights underneath cabinets is an excellent choice. In conjunction with other lighting options, it compliments tasks like chopping and working with sharp objects but when used on its own, it allows a safe route into the kitchen at night or early in the morning. No more waking up the entire house when sneaking to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

 Under cabinet lighting can also create ambience in your kitchen and ensures a cosy mood. Whether used for a romantic kid-free dinner or to slowly wake up in the morning while enjoying your morning coffee, ambient light is a must in every kitchen.

 The right lighting/fixture choices coupled with dimming capabilities could help you tick all three boxes – safety, ambience and tasks. At ProReno we’ll make sure to custom-fit your kitchen cabinet lighting so there are no awkward parts dangling around.

 For more awesome kitchen renovation tips or if you require a quote, speak to the friendly team at ProReno. We offer professional and affordable kitchen designs in Johannesburg and surrounds. Give us a call today!

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