4 Ways to Get the Farm-style Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted

Farm-style kitchens have gained popularity in the last 5 years or so but don’t be fooled, it looks nothing like your grandma’s country kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen is uniquely personal and should suit your specific needs. Here are some changes you can make that will turn your kitchen into a farmhouse haven.

 1. Mix Old with the New

To create a kitchen that looks like it’s been developed over the years, incorporate eclectic pieces. By adding old and new pieces together in one space, you’ll easily achieve the look you’re after. Open shelving is an excellent option to make your kitchen feel more spacious and comfortable. Install new open shelving – if you have the space – or remove some cabinet doors. Another idea is to add freestanding cabinetry for an authentic farmhouse touch.

 2. Neutral Colour Palette

For a signature farmhouse kitchen look and feel, it’s vital to incorporate distressed finishes with vintage elements. Kind of like bringing the past into the 21st century. This can be achieved by adding rustic or glazed wood finished cabinets. Another way to add a timeless look is to include pops of colour like mint green or duck egg blue.

 3. Industrial Meets Natural

When your end goal is the farmhouse look, you don’t have to fear blending different materials and finishes as this will give your kitchen a cultured feel. By including wrought iron fixtures or barn doors – to name a few – you can easily achieve this look.

 4. Details, Details, Details

Creating a farmhouse kitchen is all about the details. Some ideas include traditional style molding, trim and casing or decorative millwork throughout the kitchen. This will add old-fashioned charm. Bring the entire design together with a reclaimed wood sign or some vintage elements.

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