How to Choose a Kitchen Backsplash Colour to Compliment Your Design

It’s easy for a backsplash to become an afterthought during kitchen renovations. After all, there are bigger things that need your attention like the floors, countertops, cabinets and appliances. But the truth is, a backsplash actually ties all the other design elements together which is why you should keep it in mind.

In every kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional, you’ll find a backsplash area that provides the biggest impact. This area could be above your sink or range and will be a focal point whenever you walk into the kitchen. You might want to make a statement by using patterns or colour here. If you’re looking for a calmer and elegant look and feel, a white or neutral backsplash might be right for you.

 The question is, do you want your backsplash to tie every design element in your kitchen together or do you want to make a statement? Choose colour for impact or neutral to unify.

How to Choose Right Kitchen Backsplash Material?

 There are so many backsplash materials to choose from and choosing which one will work best can be a challenge. You can start by having a good look at your kitchen style. Rustic kitchens look great with a brick backsplash while you might want to opt for stainless steel sheets in an industrial style kitchen. In a contemporary kitchen, sleek ceramic tiles would be a beautiful choice.

 One last thing to consider before making the final commitment is the maintenance needed to keep your backsplash looking good for many years to come.

If you’re unsure about choosing the right backsplash material for your kitchen, the team at ProReno would be more than willing to assist you and offer expert advice.

 For more kitchen design ideas or if you require a quote for your next kitchen renovation, get in touch with ProReno today!

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