Smart Dog Food Improve Skin Health , Reduce Ticks & Fleas, Improve Joint Health, Reduce Feeding Costs, Improve Your health, Simplify Dog Ownership with the Healing Power of Aloe

Join thousands of Smart People living healthier with SAFE Liebe dogs.

Multi-functional, Dog Food with Aloe - turn ordinary dogs into Healthy, Safe, Low maintenance Liebe dogs.

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Product Range

Puppy 8kg (Bucket), Adult Maintenance 8kg bucket, 10kg bag & 20kg bag. 50kg available from selected retailers.

If you would like a FREE SAMPLE to test on your dog, please email us at info@liebenutrition.co.za

Liebe Dog Food Benefits

Say NO! to Soya, Artificial Colourants, Artificial Flavourants

Liebe Nutrition contains no Soya, which may cause allergies & food intolerance.


Cereals* (min 4% rice), meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetable protein extracts, oils and approved anti-oxidants. (*contains at least 5% genetically modified organisms).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min)
Crude Fat (Min)
Moisture (Max)
Crude Fibre (Max)
Crude Ash (Max)
Linoleic Acid (Min)
Omega 3 : 6 ratio = 5 - 10 : 1
Calsium : Phosphorus Ratio = 1.2 -1.5 : 1
I choose Liebe with my eyes closed

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Fax: 086 731 8440

Email: info@liebenutrition.co.za

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